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Pet Coaster Sale, 20% Off

airdalecoaster570I’m offering a 20% sale on all pet coasters listed in my Serendipitni Pet Etsy shop to make room for my new ceramic style.

Here’s the coupon code COASTERSALEJAN

and the link to my shop serendipitini pet. Offer good through February 2.



January Collaborative Giveaway

Four  entrepreneurs and handmade artists have teamed up for Serendipitini’s first monthly giveaway.  The giveaway contest runs from January 20th – January 31st with one winner.  The name will be drawn on February 1 . The drawing is open to U. S. Citizens residing in the United States.

Want to participate in next month’s giveaway to get more followers and traffic to your shop? Here’s how monthly giveaways.

Here are some of the cool items being given away this month by the following sponsors:

red and black necklaceFrom Serendipitini Jewlery

Eco friendly craft jewelry including recycle glass, clay, ceramics, semi-precious stones and wire wrapping.

Item Description:  Red and black graduated bead necklace. Composite beads, 27″ length.






From Blue Dasher Crafts

Blue Dasher Crafts by Daughter of Maat is a vegan and environmentally friendly shop where you’ll find one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry, crocheted gifts and accessories and even some nature photography.

Item Description:
Made with genuine Turquoise and Tiger’s eye gemstones, these beautiful earrings are earthy with a pop of color. The earrings are 2″ long from the top of the sterling silver ear wire to the bottom of the earring and made with sterling silver eyepins. Each gemstone is different making each earring truly unique. They make a great gift for a friend or family member, or the perfect treat for yourself!


A Tundra Tale

From The Lone Alaskan Gypsy“The Lone Alaskan Gypsy is a fairytale writer residing in a rural Yup’ik Eskimo village in Alaska. She writes children’s and young adult books based off of her lovely little life and all of the natural, magical, and human counterparts within it.”

Item Description:

 Paperback or ebook, A Tundra Tale. Inspired by Alaskan folklore, this fairytale story takes Olive, a twenty-year-old resident of a remote psychiatric hospital, on a journey into the tundra, where with the help of her arctic fox companion, a young Athabascan child, and an old trapper she will discover the secrets of the black wolf, the story of the land’s ancestors, and the power of the northern lights that could unite them all. It’s available at  atundratale.com or on amazon.com
06.01.10 For every storm, a rainbow FRAMED RESIZED
06.01.10 For every storm, a rainbow RESIZED
From Material Whirl Collage
Material Whirel Collage features small (approximately postcard size) paper collages, each original and unique and made entirely from recycled paper including magazines, advertising, and dry packaging materials. Wrinkles, creases, odd cuts, and ragged edges add to the unique appeal of this process.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/MaterialWhirlCollage
Item Description:  Original paper collage by Matthew Hoffman
Title:  “For every storm, a rainbow”
Collage size:  6″ wide x 4″ high
Frame size (exterior):  8″ wide x 6″ high – framing includes glass and an attached stand
Value:  $25.00

a Rafflecopter giveaway



turquoisehoopearrings2blueglasscopperbracelet1-aI use recycled glass in many of my handmade jewelry items and glass creations. I used to live in Benicia, California in the San Francisco Bay area where there was ample sea glass, but now that I like in Hickory, NC I don’t have access to it so I learned to tumble my own using a rock tumbler.  Here is a tutorial I created that shows you have to make your own beach glass from recycled glass.

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Spoon Rest from Green Glass Recycle Bottles

SR001Just out of the kiln, is this handmade spoon rest from a green glass recycled beer bottle (9 x 2 3/4 wide).  I first removed the bottle label by soaking it and then used a putty knife to scrape it off. Any label residue was scrubbed off with an SOS pad.

I had already flattened the bottle by slumping it in the kiln on bullseye paper just because it was my first experiment with bottles this size and I wanted to see what it looked like flattened. I really liked it but then I
decided it would make a nice small spoon rest. Normally you don’t have to preflatten your bottle.

Next, I placed it in my large bottle slumping mold which I had prepared with Primo Primer and because the bottle was so small, I scooted it up to the top of the mold so the bottle neck fit up where the bottle body began.

Then I used a slumping schedule. It turned out really well. I added some 18 gauge copper wire and a copper wire swirl for a finishing SR001atouch.

Here’s the link to my Serendipitini Etsy store.


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fluoriteheartneck2fluoriteheartearrings2I’m offering an early bird discount on these handmade fluorite earrings and necklace just in time for Valentine’s Day.  The fluorite handmade jewellery heart necklace features pale green fluorite heart, lavender fluorite heart and silver plated copper heart charm and sterling figure eight bail attachment. Silver plated adjustable chain extends from 16-19.” $29

Fluorite dangle earrings are from recycled jewelry. Fluorite dangle earrings charm jewelry feature pale green fluorite heart, lavender fluorite heart and silver plated copper heart charm. Silver plated ear hooks. $18

Here are the links to the listings

Fluorite heart necklace.

Fluorite dangle earrings

Here’s the coupon code for your 15% discount.  FLUORBLOG




giveaway image I am looking for handmade artists and bloggers who want to build traffic to their stores, social media, website, blogs, etc. through giveaways (one of the best ways to build traffic). I use Rafflecopter and my goal is to have one joint giveaway a month that would include giveaways by other artists. Those who enter the giveaway would be required to like, follow, comment on blogs, etc. of each artist who is participating in the giveaway. This is a great way to build traffic. If you are interested, contact me at teenastewart412 @ gmail.com

Giveaways would start on the third Friday of the month and run for two weeks. I reserve the right to include or exclude participating artists based on quality of merchandise and what I feel is appropriate for my site. Contact me if interested and I will send more specifics.

The next giveaway date is January 23.  Deadline to join this giveaway is January 20.


advertiseI know I usually post some new handmade item, tutorial or giveaway but as I start the new year I felt it was important to review some paid advertisements I ran recently.

I don’t often pay for ads but usually rely on the power of social networking and Etsy teams to get the word out, but I decided to give a couple things a try.

Facebook Paid Ads. The first paid ad I did was on my Serendipitini Facebook page. The ad was for a fused star ornament giveaway. The purpose of the giveaway was to gain new ezine subscribers through my blog , bring more awareness about my shops which are linked on my blog, and to hopefully gain some more sales. More subscribers and blog awareness will eventually lead to more sales.

My budget was a whopping $5. The ad included a photo of the ornament and a link that lead to my blog where they could enter the contest.  I spent $4.93 and the ad ran from Dec 3 to Dec 5. Their stats indicated I reached 181 people and 8 people engaged with the Facebook post (not the blog ad).

As far as Facebook likes gained, you can look at your likes, but it doesn’t give the exact date someone liked your pages (at least if there is, I don’t know how). The ad ran about a month ago and there were two likes around that time but without a specific date it is hard to say if the ad is what gained the likes.

Etsy Paid Ads. I paid for advertising only in my Serendipitini shop which carries jewelry, glass suncatchers and window art. (I have three shops now but wanted to test this one out first.) The paid ads are somewhat similar to Google adwords only you don’t have to set up a campaign with the keywords, etc.  I activated the ad from Dec. 14 – January 6th. Total cost spent was $46.16. Revenue brought in was $176. It was during the peak season of Christmas shopping so I am sure that  considerably more people were online shopping than would be at other times, especially in the mid summer months when people are vacationing. My sales on Etsy are usually flatlined then. So, in a nut shell I probably got more return on the investment because of the time of year I ran it.

That shows a profit of $129.84 which is pretty good, but you also need to consider the materials invested in the goods sold which I haven’t subtracted.  Still it’s a pretty good profit.

Currently the most you can budget to spend per day is $5 on these Etsy ads which is what I budgeted. You can choose which sections of your shop you wish to promote and also which items in those sections. You can also pause different items. I felt it easy to use once I grasped how it worked. Etsy paid ads appear in rows in the non-paid listings. It’s the similar concept to searching on a search engine for something. The closer you ad or listing is to the top of the page or the first page, the more chance you have of getting found.

I will definitely be trying it again. It really gave my jewelry sales a kick in the pants which it needed. It has been difficult to sell the jewelry online because the competition is so stiff.

So, here’s my take on these options. Facebook allows for highly targeted traffic based on demographics. It is a good way to gain more exposure and followers if you know what you are doing. It might be worth it if your ad is highly focused and they engage directly on you Facebook page. Sending them to my blog link seems to not have worked all that well. If I offered a different product for giveaway Imight see better results but I doubt it. It might work best to try to glean likes on the Facebook page by offering some enticement, a freebies or a coupon.

Etsy ads. Yes I think I will definitely be doing more with these. I can see where it would be especially valuable if you have a new shop and you want to gain more recognition and build traffic. I just separated my Etsy jewelry into another shop so I might be giving this a try once I get more products listed.

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Pretty Face Choker Bullseye Glass Necklace

bullseye glass pretty face neck2bullseye glass pretty face neck3I just completed the design of this pretty face choker full of feminine mystique. It is made from fused bullseye glass. I made the original face drawing, then photographed it and tweeked the digital copy. Then I made it into decals and fired it onto the glass bead. The ink burns off to leave this beautiful sepia toned color. The choker  is antique copper chain with an adjustable link and you’ll find this in my newly opened Serendipitini Jewelry Etsy shop dedicated only to my jewelry designs.

I have a special offer on these necklaces of 15% off the regular price of $29. Here’s the coupon code FACENECK2014.  Hurry, the offer expires on 1/14/2015

Here’s the link Serendipitini Jewelry 



Window Art Recycle Glass Suncatcher Oval Grapevine

Suncatcher Oval VineThis weekend I finished this Window Art Piece. It incorporates recycle glass wine bottle bottoms. The oval wrought iron works are from a recycled mirror.

I removed the rectangular mirror and wired on a wrought iron candle holder in the center after cutting off the metal candle cups with my  small Ryobi  drill with cutting attachment. The the wine bottle bottoms are drilled and wired on with the finishing touches of blue glass beads glued on with E6000 glue. I added a black chain for hanging.


The finished piece measures 14″ x 17″ and is listed in my Serendipitini Etsy store at present.

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Suncatcher Oval Vine

Suncatcher Oval Vine


sisterhood+tagHello!  There is a tag circulating around called the “Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award,” and recently I was nominated by Jennifer Ahern from Watercolor Whimsey.   I’m really honored that someone would think enough of my blog to recognize it in this way.  So thank you, Jennifer,  for nominating me!
The Rules:
1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site
2.  Answer the ten questions that have been sent to you
3.  Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer
4.  Nominate ten people
5. Have Fun
Here are my answers to the questions Jennifer asked me:
1. What is your favorite Christmas/Holiday song?  Lo’ How a Rose ‘Er Blooming
2.  Have you ever danced in the rain? No.
3.  What is your favorite animal and why? Horses. They are so beautiful
4.  What is something that always cheers you up? Hot Chocolate
5.  Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Yes, because I’m a visual person.
6.  What is your favorite holiday? Christmas.
7.  Do you have any pets? a long haired cat named Skat
8.  What is your dream vacation? A rented beach house at Ocean Isle Beach in NC
9.  Are you left or right handed? Right handed
10.  Do you prefer abstract art or representational (realistic) art?  Depends on the style…
Here are my nominees, all wonderful ladies who have outstanding blogs:
ChiWei, 1dogwoof.com
Here are my questions for my nominees?
1.  What is your favorite season?
2.  Beef, chicken, pork, or vegetarian
3.  What is your favorite treat?
4.  Favorite film right now?
5.  What is your new years resolution?
6.  If you could drive any car you want, what would it be?
7.  If you could visit any country in the world, what would it be?
8.  Favorite animal?
9.  What is one of your pet peeves?
10.  One item in your bedroom you couldn’t live without?
That’s it!  Thanks sister bloggers of the world for your continuous support and inspiration :)

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