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20% Off Sale on All Handmade

WoodHeartchocker2All three of my Etsy shops are on sale 20% off through March 18

Here’s the coupon code STPAT and the links to my stores







Uni4 Artists Spring into Art Show


Uni4Artists (of which I am a member) has a spring art show coming up.

The show runs from March 4 – March 35. Reception is Thurs. March 5, from 6-8 pm. Art of many styles and media will be represented including some of my mixed media work. You can learn more about the show at uni4artists.org.

Location is Newton-Conover auditorium. 60 West 6th Street, Newton, NC.  The auditorium is open 2:00- 7:00 pm, Tues. – Thursday.


Tutorial: Recycled Glass Window Art Suncatcher


Here’s recent window art suncatcher piece I made from a recycled window picked up at Habitat for Humanity.  I prefer a black frame over a white one because I think it sets off the glass and frames it better.

The window includes recycled wine bottle bottle bottoms, recycled glass and vintage glass plates.  The central flower piece is a kiln slumped glass star dish which I flattened out into this star shape . All are glued with E6000 craft glue for maximum adhesion. The WA1001cwindow measures 36″ long x 26″ high. Includes a chain for hanging and sturdy eye hooks attached for horizontal hanging. They are great for indoor or out door display.

Display in a window, from a door frame or outdoors.This piece is HEAVY so be sure to have strong mounts.

Here’s the link for the listing on Etsy. 

Supplies and instructions on how to make this.



Old window with frame in good shape, (preferably single pane)

Masking tape

Black spray paint

E6000 glue

5 medium to small decorative glass plates

4 wine bottle bottoms or other small, round glass pieces

Decorative glass beads (can get at Dollar Tree)

Beach glass if available


X-acto knife of razor blade window scraper (the kind painters use for removing paint from windows)

Two bolt size eye screws

Sturdy chain for hanging the finished piece


1.  Clean window thoroughly and let dry

2. Cover both sides of the window with newspaper, using masking tape along the inside and edge to hold the paper in place.

3. Spray one side of the frame with black spray paint. Let dry. Repeat for other side.

4.  Remove the newspaper and lay the window on a table as your work space.

5.  Lay out the larger pieces of glass on the window

6.  Lay out the next size pieces (bottle bottoms)

7.  Fill in blank areas with the glass beads and beach glass

8.  Make sure to “balance” the design by spacing out colored glass from non-colored.

9. Work from one side to the other apply the glue to the back side of each glass piece. If the glass pieces have any raised section on the back, make sure that is where you place your glue. Hint:  A tooth pick of wooden sheesh kabob skewer can be a useful tool for apply and spreading glue.

(I usually try to clean up the glue strings and smears as I go using a cotton swab with alcohol.) Let dry.

10. Tidy up any smears of glue  with the exacto knife or window scraper

11. Screw in eye screws on the top of each corner of your frame. Add chain

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February Collaborative Giveaway

February GiveawayWe have several handmade gifts we are giving away this month. The drawing ends on February 28. Entrants must live in the United States. Be sure to share and post this giveaway op to your friends.

We are looking for monthly giveaway sponsors and blog hosts for these giveaways which appear on several blogs. This is a great way for you to get more exposure for you. Here’s the link to more info. 

Sponsor 1.  Hanji Naty https://www.etsy.com/shop/HanjiNaty


Giveaway Item. A set of six (6) colorful round coasters, made of high-quality Korean Hanji paper. 100% handmade. Made of sturdy, solid core cardboard, covered with hand-cut Korean Hanji paper (mulberry paper), the coasters have been varnished twice with a water-based varnish for durability and a nice shiny finish. The six coasters will be randomly chosen among the selection available.












Sponsor 2:  Serendipitini Jewelry  https://www.etsy.com/shop/SerendipitiniJewelry

Wire wrapped recycled glass necklace similar to beach glass with triple strand cord. 17″ length.


greenglass necklace

a Rafflecopter giveaway






Pit Bull Dog Drink Coaster, American Staffordshire Terrier

Amerstaffcoasters decalPictured is a handmade hand glazed Pit Bull coaster (American Staffordshire Terrier). I apply decals I design and print myself, and then kiln fire them on. They are a great way to commemorate your favorite pet and serve a useful function at the same time. The back of each coaster has a protective cork bottom.

Here’s a link to my Etsy listing.

Pit Bulls remain a popular breed despite the bad rap they have gotten for being aggressive.

The breed originated when people began breeding Bull Dogs and Terriers. The agile, strong dogs were used in bull baiting, bear bating and cock fights. When these became illegal due to the cruelty of the sport, they were then used in dog fights and remain a popular breed used to protect drug dealers.

Though the dogs are genetically bred to be aggressive, they can be socialized and they tend to show most aggression toward animals more than people. The Pit Bull labels covers several different breeds including American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, and sometimes the American Bull Dog and Bull Terrier. People also use the term for Pit Bull mixes with similar charateristic which include the muscular body of a bull dog and the boxy head with short ears.

For more info on Pit Bull rescue, here’s the link to Pit Bull Rescue Central.


String of Pearls, Peacock Color, Freshwater Pearl Necklace

N009cI just finished making this string of pearls pearl necklace two nights ago. I fell in love with the peacock colored fresh water pearls at a trade show. I’d never seen them before.

The necklace features a sterling silver wire wrapped jig design and a prism tear drop crystal as it’s focal piece.

A velveteen tube cord with sterling lobster clasp and chain complete the piece.

I also have earrings and a bracelet to match and should have them listed. soon. Here’s the link to the necklace on my Etsy shop


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Places to Sell Handmade Crafts Online

 1)  Etsy. Founded in 2005 with over one million shops, Etsy is the largest and most well known marketplace for handmade, vintage and craft supply items. However, with over 1 million active shops on Etsy, it’s easy for small shops to get lost in the mix. List your items directly.

What You Can Sell. Handmade, vintage, craft supplies and digital files (patterns and printables). Etsy also now has a juried wholesale program.

Fee Structures.  .20 per item for a four month listing and 3.5% on any sales.

Support/Team. Etsy has forums and teams which can make a huge difference with getting exposure as you band together to try to get your handmade items noticed by buyers.

For More Info: Etsy Help,

2)  Store Envy. Founded in 2010. Over 100,000 shops. Similar to Etsy, Store Envy also offers a stand alone store front. You are limited to 500 items in your shop.

Fee Structures. Currently no charge for setting up shop. Charges for add-ons like using your own domain and accessing upgraded discount types and is planning. Now charges a 10% fee fee when you make a sale. For stand alone store it is still currently free.

Support/Team. No forums currently but they have a Facebook page which is supposed to offer support.

First Hand Experience. Ellen of the Chilly Dog observes, “After much frustration with changes on Etsy and plummeting sales, I chose to open a standalone Storenvy shop, http://thechillydog.storenvy.com,  for my physical items. It’s free to list items and I have complete control of how my shop looks. I only had one sale in the first six months but have had interest in custom orders. I get almost as many item views each week as I did on Etsy and I don’t have to pay to frequently re-list my items to get those views.”

Teena Stewart of Serendipitini wrote, “I opened a standalone store for just my jewelry with StoreEnvy in late 2014  http://serendiptinijewelry.storenvy.com/ and listed several jewelry items with them but have not had any sales yet.”

Cindy Grant Thomas wrote. “I have a shop on Storenvy –http://handpaintedrocks.storenvy.com/ — and chose it because there were no listing fees. I’ve been happy with them and like being in a less crowded marketplace.

More Info.  Storenvy How it Works

3)  Artfire.  Founded in 2008. Number of shops unknown.

Fee Structures. Subscription based fee.  Three pricing plans from $20-$60 a year.


First Hand Experience.  None

More Info.  ArtFire Features


4)  Zibbet.  Founded in 2009. Over 45,000 shop. Can sale from 10 to unlimited items depending on you plan. Note: Coupons, gift certificates can only be created with the highest pricing plan

Fee Structures. Subscription based flat fee from $Free to $10 a month. No sales or listing fees.


First Hand Experience. None.

More Info. About Zibbet.

5) Bonanza. Similar to Ebay but not an auction. You can only list items which are handmade and used. No mass produced items allowed. Has an affiliate referral program so there’s extra earning potential (from 8-15%).
Fee Structures.  There are several options. Marketplace Basic account. You pay 3.5% each time you sell an item. No other costs (Similar to listing an item on Ebay but less expensive. http://www.bonanza.com/site_help/general/pricing?layout=&title=What+does+it+cost+to+sell+on+Bonanza%3FOptional Marketplace Advertising account. You pay between 6-15% final value fees when you sell an item. They help advertise your items. http://www.bonanza.com/ads_primerOptional Premium Marketplace memberships. http://www.bonanza.com/memberships/newBonanza Webstores, $25.00 per month flat fee, no other charges: http://www.bonanza.com/blog/main/Announcing__Bonanza_Webstores

Support/Team. Forums

First Hand Experience.  They have an import feature where you can import your items from Etsy. As of 2/5/2015 I set up shop and imported my jewelry items. (You can import from Amazon, Ebay, or Etsy.) I had difficulty getting Bonanza to accept my payment method. It would not take a debit card, just a credit card. As a seller you have the option of taking Paypal and or setting up via Amazon to take payments. Setting up Amazon is a bit of a challenge but not insurmountable. I found Bonanza’s fee structures very confusing.

More Info. bonanza.com

6) Ravelry. Date established unknown. Number of members unknown. A free site for knitters and crocheters. designers, weavers, spinners and dyers to help them keep track of their yarn, tools, project and pattern information, and look to others for ideas and inspiration.

Fee Structures.  There are multiple advertising options to help you sell your items and they start as lows as $5 a month and go up based on type.

  • For pattern sales up to $20 a month there is no fee
  • $20-100/month in sales is a 5% fee
  • $100-250/month in sales is a $5 fee
  • $250-$1000/month in sales is a $10 fee
  • $1000+/month sales is a $20 fee

Support/Team. Forums.

First Hand Experience. Ellen of the Chilly Dog blog has had success selling her crochet patterns. “My focus is gradually changing from selling physical items to selling digital knit and crochet patterns and Ravelry has been a great option. Not only can I sell to other Ravelers in my pattern store on Ravelry, http://www.ravelry.com/stores/the-chilly-dog, I can also easily sell to anyone from a page on my blog.”

More Info.  ravelry.com 

7) Craftsy. Established in 2010. Number of members unknown. Craftsy started as an online learning venue. It now includes online craft classes, kits, and supplies and is a great place to sell patterns and kits or to earn income by teaching what you know.

 Fee Structures.  Unknown
Support/Team.  Unknown

First Hand Experience. Ellen of the Chilly Dog Blog has the following to say.  “I was introduced to Craftsy through their online classes and discovered it is also a platform for selling patterns. I don’t make a lot of sales in my Craftsy shop, http://www.craftsy.com/user/2042435/pattern-store, but since there are no listing or sales fees, it’s worth taking a few minutes to publish my designs there.”

 8)  Handmade Artist’s Shop. A combination marketplace and community forum. You don’t have to set up a shop.
 Fee Structures.  $5/month, $10/year. No hidden fees.

First Hand Experience.

9) Free Craft Fair. Date established unknown. Amount of traffic to the site unknown. Not a shop format, but rather a website offering directory services helpful links and ad opts which can get you more exposure among craft buyers. You can get featured via paid ads and they wil link back to your store or website. Informative pages include a link of online sites, such as this list includes, where you can sell, a page with a search form where you can locate craft fairs in your area, a page advising you on how to choose an online craft community. The online items listed for sale of the spots that show the work of featured crafters who paid for the exposure. With less free exposure it is possible that this format might actually get you more exposure.

Fee Structures.  An assortment of ad ops include

  • Etsy Mini
  • BannerButton Ads (Top-Right 300×250 rectangle, above the fold)
  • Text Links
  • Editorial integration. I assume this is an article about your item or store which is also an ad.

Support/Team. None.

First Hand Experience.  Wrote them asking prices on ads and have not heard back.

More Info. freecraftfair.com



Caged in Copper Tie Dyed Beads by Sunshine Creations

cagedcopperearringsLast weekend during Craft and Vendor fair’s Valentine’s day promo I won a pair of earrings from Sunshine Creations. I absolutely love the look and color of these and especially the antique copper wire and handmade ear wires.

I told Teresa Graves the shop owner I would be sure and share about her work. Here’s a link to her Etsy shop. Check it out and give her shop a fave if you have time.


Serendipitini is Featured on A Cat Like Curiosity Blog

A Cat LIke Curiosity

What a pleasure to meet other people with a passion for art and handmade.  Today I am the featured guest on Sarah Leonard’s blog, A Cat Like Curiosity. The topic is “The Secrets of Etsy Success.”  You’ll get a peek into my workshop and some recent work, plus tips I have learned about managing and marketing a handmade business.  Here’s the link.




Win These Wire Wrapped Leaf Dangle Earrings


Win these wire wrapped leaf dangle earrings. Made from recycled materials, the earrings are both elegant and eco friendly with hand cut leaves and Swarovski crystals.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



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