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Product Review: Folk Art Enamel Paints

plaid-folkart-outdoor-paint_a2I promised in my last post about painted wine glasses that I would do  product review of the paints I used. If you didn’t catch that article, here it is again. http://www.serendipitini.com/?p=2910

For this project I used Folk Art enamel craft paints which are acrylic. They come in 2 oz bottles and are the consistency of regular crafts paints with somewhat liquid consistency. They can be used on glass and ceramics. Unlike the more expensive glass paints which are transparent and are very costly, these are primarily opaque and they dry that way.

WineGlassesTeenabThey are easy to apply but having the right brushes matters. For instance we did peacock feathers in my class. For most of the work medium size round brushes work but for the thin veins and spiny feathers a thin, small brush comes in handy. Once the paints dry, you place them in the oven for 1/2 an hour at 350 degrees and it fires on well and is permanent though I still recommend hand washing. I suggest you heat up the glass as the oven heats and leave it in until completley cool so as not to shock the glass. The label warning indicates the painted item should not come in contact with food, so it is best for the outside of glasses and any plates or bowls be painted on the outside only.

I was very pleased with the product, though painting on glass is an acquired skill even if you have painted many other things because glass does not absorb the paint. It helps to use a light hand and short strokes for details.

NOTE:  I received no compensation for this review.


Painted Wine Glasses, Peacock Feather

WineGlassesTeenabI have begun teaching art classes in a variety of places in my area and last night I held my first in-studio classes in my home. The project was painted wine glasses.

We did a peacock feather design. Once the design is dry and baked it becomes permanent. These are done with a special craft enamel paint and I’ll do a product review of the paint we used in my next post. The wine glasses make great gifts or a special keepsake for yourself. One of the students last night said her daughter collects painted wine glasses.

I also listed these two in my Amazon Handmade Shop. If you live locally and wish to take a class, I am offering it again on Monday, evening May 23 at 6:30 pm. Here’s a link to my classes page.


WholesalePhotoAnnouncementA select collection of Serendipitini’s handmade gifts and jewelry are now available to retailers who wish to buy wholesale. All are handcrafted and made in the U. S. A.

For more information visit our wholesale info page where you can download the catalog in pdf format along with our application form.
You are also invited to like our new Serendipitini Handmade Facebook page and follow us for news on new wholesale items.



Handmade Bleached Vintage Look T-Shirts

2016-04-11 10.57.30 - CopyI have started teaching art and craft classes and in order to promote the classes, I often have to make prototypes of what I am teaching. One of the perks is I get to keep what I make, sell it or give it away.

Here are some samples of bleached Tbutterflybleached T-shirts I did. I have several of these classes scheduled in several locations for later this summer. The first is in Arrowhead Gallery on Sat., July 23. Check my classes schedule for more on my classes and workshops.

I made an owl on a branch one for my niece Brooke’s birthday and my sister thought it was so cute she suggested I start 2016-04-11 10.58.49 - Copyselling them. Though it is a bit of a rabbit trail for me, I took her advice and made several more and consigned them at Bottega, a shop here in Hickory, NC.

They are really fun to make. I use used T-shirts which I get from Goodwill and the designs are made by spraying bleach over ironed on freezer paper designs. No two shirts come out the same and that has to do with the dye in the shirt, how you adjust your spray bottle nozzle and the length of time you leave the bleach on. My favorite is the butterfly on the purple shirt. I kept this one for myself.




Don’t Give Up When Your Project Fails. Perfect It.

E084bAt the beginning of this year I wrote some goals. One was to learn copper etching. I now have the fundamentals of this skill under my belt. The second goal was to develop a line of wholesale jewelry products including some more high end designer pieces.

Pictured are some new sun face earrings, the last of my three high end earring designs for this year.  It took a while to get the results I wanted.

First, I tried making my own sun face stamp to use in clay, but I found that when I shrank my design down to coin size, the fine details of the face didn’t translate well to the liquid polymer I use to make the stamp. After a lot of searching, I found a small old world sun face stamp made by an etsy seller and got to working on making the beads. They were easy to make, however, I used a midnight blue glaze overlaid with a lemon yellow glaze and the results were butt ugly beads. I didn’t like them at all. You can see the results below.

2016-04-05 15.35.08

Trial number two with glazes worked better. I used three layers of one color glaze called mudslide.

The copper components are a sun ray design I drew out, scanned on my computer and then shrank down to size for etching.

The rondelle bead sandwiched between the sun bead and the copper component is also handmade and I used a turtle shell glaze with it.

These new earrings are now available on my Amazon Handmade shop and can also be ordered wholesale.


Developing Relationships with Shop Owners

BR052I sell my handmade jewelry and gifts online and in a variety of other places in North Carolina. Over time, I have gotten to know the store owners on a first name basis. They are not just managers, I consider them friends too.

Yesterday, I dropped off a new jewelry display loaded with earrings, necklaces and bracelets and some bleached T-shirts at Bottega in Hickory, NC.

It gave me a warm feeling to find both Missy and Sarah the co-owners there. We chatted briefly and then Sarah scooted out the door. I found out later on Facebook that it was Sarah’s birthday so I wished her a happy birthday on FB after the fact.

As I wrapped up my business at Bottega, Missy told me they were planning to have a booth at the farmer’s market, rotating consigned items in hopes of making more people familiar with their store and show interest in it. Missy also told me that the season is heating up for glass garden art, hinting that I might want to make more of my metal and glass window art and suncatchers.

I’ve also been talking with Kim from Islands Arts and Books in Ocean Isle, NC. That’s where I sell my beachy jewelry, designed with them in mind. I asked Kim if she wanted more of my items this year and if so if she had any special requests. She went into my online shop on Amazon handmade and sent a few links, using them as samples, for things she liked. She also told me that the blue and green glass items sell best.

In the process of our back and forth emails, I learned that Kim is a new mom so I congratulated her on the arrival of her son. Pictured is a new braided leather beachy bracelet I’ll be sending Kim’s way.

I appreciate these shop owners taking the time to guide me regarding what I consign with them. They know that by helping their artists succeed they, in turn, are helping their own business and vice versa.  I know that they give the same personal attention to their clientele and it inspires me as an artist to do the same with the people I deal with.






Inspirational Quote of the Week



What’s Your Favorite Fashion Style?

boho tunicA while back, after joining a Handmade at Amazon Facebook support group, several of us jewelry makers were brainstorming keywords to include with our listings. As you might guess, every jewelry designer has a style (whether they know it or not) so knowing the fasion sense and keywords for the people who buy you handmade jewelry is very helpful.

People shared several links to articles on fashion which might also lead to keywords for what we make.

Everyone has a fashion sense and a favorite way to dress and most of us blend several styles. Some of the styles mentioned from various articles and postings include:


Avant Garde

Bohemian (Boho)





Country Western




High Fashion

Hip Hop




Hollywood Regency











Neo Classical








Shabby Chic














I am not familiar with all of these but personally lean toward casual and classic and cross over into Bohemian and whimsical on occasion but not to the extreme. If you want to see more of my jewelry you can find it on amazonhandmade

Here’s a link to the article for photos and more info



And a discussion in Etsy forums on style. Storry, no photos but some good descriptions.  etsy.com


Product Review: Americana Fabric Painting Medium

BatikaI’ve been scheduling arts and cr2016-03-22 13.42.30afts classes like crazy and will be teaching a variety of things at several locales this summer. One of the classes I am teaching is a modified Batik T-shirt. Instead of using wax as a resist and dye,  you use clear Elmer’s glue as a resist and paint the fabric instead of dyeing it.

This was a fun project. The class won’t be until July 29, 2016 but if you live in the Hickory, NC area and are interested in taking it, here’s a link to the class schedule. The class is actually for kids. If that date’s not good for you or you want to take the class, if you can gather at least 4 people together, I’ll teach it in my home. Just let me know of your interest.

For this project I used regular craft acrylic paints and Americana Fabric Painting Medium. The instructions say to mix paint 2:1.  I was at a loss as to how to mix it without wasting a bunch if I wanted to use the acrylic paints for just regular crafts and not fabric later. So, I poured a little medium on a paper plate and a chosen paint color on the plate. Before making each stroke I pulled some of the paint into the medium until it has a hazy look then painted onto the fabric. I let the paint dry 24 hours and ironed the painted section of the shirt for 30 seconds on a cotton setting to set the paint. After letting it soak overnight to loosen the glue, I tossed the shirt into the washer by itself and then into the dryer.

The paint held fast and it’s been washed once since then and is very permanent.  I can’t wait to try more painted fabric projects.

NOTE:  I was not commissioned to do this review or compensated in any way for it.





MarchGiveaway-225x300I announced the March $25 Jewelry Credit Giveaway to to JLynnJewels  at the beginning of the month. If you missed the interview  with artist Janice Everett and didn’t yet enter the contest, here’s the link. Last chance to enter is March 31.  Enter the contest here

I ran out of room in my interview to include Janice’s Banana Pancake Recipe so here it is.

Banana Pancake

Makes 1 Pancakce

1 egg,

½ banana

Directions:  Beat the two together until well blended. Place in frying pan over medium heat and cook as you would a pancake. Add fresh fruit or syrup for topping.


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