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N081aWhen I cleaned out my mom’s house with my siblings,  I found a collection of leather strips my father had used in his leather making hobbies. I’ve used the leather on occasion to make necklace cord but I suddenly had a brainstorm about another way to use the leather pieces after seeing something on Pinterest.

I used 3 long strips of the leather for the main cord and then cut shorter pieces which I knotted. Then I strung on a variety of my handmade clay beads. I added some copper charms and recycled glass beads which I had hand drilled. The necklace is asjustable and the finished piece has a bohemian southwestern feel.

I also made several sets of earrings which can go with the necklace. These are made from the same leather cord and three different color handmade clay rondelle beads. I wrapped the leather tassle with copper wire and the handmade and antiqued the copper earwires.

Both the necklace and the earrings are available in my Amazon handmade store. I like the necklace so much I may make another.

Leather Fringe Tassel Necklace

Leather Tassel Earrings


Book Review: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

war of artWhile on vacation both my son, who is an aspiring writer, and my son-in-law, a professional musician recommended a book call The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles which I promptly ordered and read.

Anyone who wants to reach professional status in the arts, whether it is writing, dance, drama, art or any other creative field will benefit from this book. It’s just 165 pages, however, the advice Pressfield gives is invaluable.

The book is divided into 3 sections or books. Section one (Defining the Enemy). The author devotes this section to talking about resistence, the force within us the prevents many people from realizing their dream. Section two (Combating Resistence: Turning Pro) explains the process of adopting a professional attitude to overcome resistence. Section three (Beyond Resistence, The Higher Realm) covers inspiration and more so that we become more than just a hired “hack”.

Though, as a professional artist and published author, I already knew some of this info such as setting regular hours and pushing back against resistence, Pressfield’s insights are fresh and his advice will definitely help me reach the next level.

If you know anyone seriously considering becoming a professional in the arts, this book is a  must read. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.


Inspirational Quote of the Week

allow-yourself-to-rest-life-daily-quotes-sayings-picturesAllow yourself to rest. Your soul speaks to you in the quiet moments in between your thoughts.


August Arts and Crafts Classes at Serendipitini Studio

Here are some upcoming classes at my studio in Hickory, NC.



Ages teen- adult, Monday August 8, 5:00-6:30 pm, Serendipitini Studio. Register/pre-pay by August 5. Cost $25 per person.

Description:  Bring your favorite wine and snacks and paint two wine glasses with a a momma bear and two babies in the woods design. This is an original design created by Teena Stewart and is in response to a special request by a student. Limited space available. Reserve now.


Ages teen-adult, Monday, August 15, 6:30-8:00 pm. Register/pre-pay by August 11. Cost $18 per person.

Description: Paint a set of 4 ceramic coasters with ceramic glaze. Coasters will be kiln fired.  Select from several design options or design your own.

bleached TbutterflyVINTAGE LOOK T-SHIRTS

Ages teen – adult, Monday, August 22, 6:30-8:00 pm. Register/Pre-pay by August 19. Cost $18

Description:  Design your own vintage-look t-shirt with that oh, so trendy faded look. We will work with simple cut out patterns we make ourselves and then alter our shirts using a spray technique to get that cool retro look.


Fused Glass Mountain Scenes from Recycled Wine Bottles


These are the smallest fused glass mountain scenes I have made thus far.  They measure 10 1/2 x 7 1/2. The backgrounds are first painted with acrylic paint. The wine bottles are crushed and made into fine particles called frit.

glassmountainsBA1Then I spread out the glass on my kiln shelf in small humps resembling mountains and fuse them. Afterwards I grind the edges of the glass where needed and lay them out in the shadow boxes to get the most satisfying look.

Once I am happy with the layout, I glue the pieces down starting with the bottom layer, using E6000 glue.  The shadow boxes they are in are frames I picked up at a thrift store which I reworked (lots more work than I intended) and sprayed with gold paint and then antiqued with brown shoe wax.

I plan to consign one locally and sell the other online. Here’s the link to the one in my Amazon Handmade Shop. If you are interested in either let me know. I also have others scenes like these that are larger.  Several are consigned at The Curiosity Shoppe in Black Mountain, NC.




Online Jewelry Sale 20% Off

JunJewelrySale2016Save 20% off on my handmade jewelry now through July 5.   No need for a coupon. The discount will be tabulated  upon checkout.

Here’s the link to my serendipitini shop on Amazon Handmade


Looking for something fun to do this summer?  I’ll be teaching two T-shirt classes at Arrowhead Gallery and Studios in Old Fort on July 23. Last date to register is July 16. Must prepay.

BatikaPainted Batik T-Shirt.

For kids ages 8-12, 10:30-12:00. $35 total.

DESCRIPTION:  Design your own colorful T-shirt for a  finished wearable design using an age-old technique called Batik.  We’ll adapt this resist method of dyeing fabric to a more modern method. In this case we will dye the shirts using acrylic fabric paints and glue.

NOTE: You need to bring a clean WHITE cotton T-shirt. All other supplies will be provided.


bleached TbutterflyBleached T-Shirts. For Teens and Adults, 1:00-2:20 pm, $25 members, $30 non-members + $10 supply fee.

Design you own vintage-look T-shirt with that oh, so trendy faded look. We will work with simple cut out patterns we make ourselves and then alter our shirts using a spray technique to get that cool retro look.

NOTE:  Participants need to bring their own own clean colored cotton T-shirt. All other supplies will be provided.

for more info visit http://arrowheadart.org/


Mixed Media Art, Rustic Red Truck

RusticRedAI finished this mixed media artwork last weekend. It began with an acrylic painting on paper of the truck and house only. Then I layered wood glue on top and while it was wet, burned around the edges of the painting with a propane torch.

RusticRedBI wanted to make an assembly of items on old wood boards and stumbled onto this aged wood pallet looking board at Walmart, of all places. It had a driftwood color but I wanted to tie everything into the house and car so I painted it in acrylics.

I felt the truck painting needed some rusted tin and after a couple attempts of rusting an aluminim sheet and giving up, I found this crescent piece of metal left over in my metal bin from brazing I had done. A small piece of burlap was also glued down.

Next came the wild grass and for this I used gold acrylic paint in a squeeze bottle which dries with a raised appearance. I felt the need for an old fence so I cut up small pieces of board and deliberately made them uneven. Next, I painted the boards with a brown wash in spots and once dry, aged it more with a thinned down black antiquing acrylic. The final touches were the trees and tire swing.

The finished artwork measure 20 x 16 and is consigned in Arrowhead Gallery in Old Fort, NC.


Inspirational Quote of the Week

ourreaction...Our reaction to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself.


Broken Pottery Chipped China Mosaic Mirror

mosaic mirror from classLast weekend I taught a broken pottery mosaic mirror class in Old Fort at Arrowhead Gallery and Studios. I always love seeing what other people create so I thought I would share one of the mirrors my students made.

They were encouraged to choose their own colors and pieces. I love the bright colors of this one and the blue glass accents really make it pop.

I will be teaching another chipped china and broken pottery and mosiac mirror class on Saturday, June 25 at Resource Warehouse.  There’s still time to register.


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