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Crafty Saturday Show & Sell #33


School started for some states. Here in NC we’re still waiting so kids are trying to pack in their last moments of fun. Last week’s Crafty Saturday had a school theme and we had some great submissions. I’m spotlighting two of my favorites. You can  participate in this week’s link party too. To help us get even more exposure I invite you to leave a comment on this blog as well. I can’t wait to see your new creations this week.  BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY EARRING GIVEAWAY.
Leather tote by May K0 Bags.
Beautiful tote bag, designed from italian soft leather in distressed
brown color, handmade by Mayko.
Mid size, fitting body proportions, It is durable, a great choice for a work or school bag, supple and strong with thick leather straps and long enough to fit comfortably over your shoulder, big enough to carry your daybook, an Ipad, cosmetic bag, cell phone aswell as many accessories.
Still Life Painting, Granny Smith Apple by Anna Robert Sart 
Great kitchen decor!

5 x 7 original acrylic painting on museum quality Gessobord

This painting has been varnished for protection


unframed, fits into a standard 5 x 7 frame, no glass needed

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Beach Glass Earring Giveaway

E005aBeach Glass Earring Giveaway. Enter to win these handmade wire wrapped beach glass earrings from Serendipitini. Made from recycled glass similar to beach glass. Wire wrapped with copper wire. Earrings measure 1 3/4″ long from top of earwires to bottom of glass. Silver plated earwires. $20 value.  Offer limited to U. S. residents.

To enter, subscribe to Serendipitini’s monthly ezine. 


For additional chances to win, leave a comment with your email below on this blog.

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Contest ends 9/5/14



Welcome to Crafty Saturday Show & Sell. We have a special theme this week so be sure to follow the guidelines. As always, if you don’t have something to fit the theme then post what you have. Before we start linking, I wanted to share my two top choices from last Saturday.
statehangerIf you want to toot your horn about the state you live in and tout the family name, then these monogrammed state door hangers are a great way to do it. Here’s one from Missisippi. These are made by M Square Home Decor.
This Monogrammed Mississippi Door Hanger is 24″ tall and 13″ across at its widest point. You may choose your colors from the ones pictured above or come up with your own color combination. With football season just around the corner, there isn’t a better way to show your support for your favorite team than with our Monogram Mississippi Door Hanger painted in your teams colors. Need another state? No problem! Just message me. Each state will have a coordinating bow and a wire hanger. 
Sun StarSun Star clay relief by Anna Robert Sart. Wouldn’t this look great on a patio or in a garden?
This is a little sun star made out of clay and painted. It is suitable for use indoors or out. It has a wire on the back for hanging. It is approximately 5 inches in diameter. It is signed in the clay on the back.


Up Close and Personal with Outsider Artist Janie Brackney

Underwater GardenI like to spotlight the work of artists on Serendipitini. Today’s featured artist is Janie Brackney.  Janie resides in Washington state and lives the life of a full-time artist. Her self-described little business is called “Art on a Moonbeam”.  She rents space in a working studio and gallery where  she can both work and sell her art which includes oil painting, watercolors, colored pencils, pen and ink, and collage mediums.

She is self-taught.  “I love learning new things both from videos and the many artists that I rub shoulders with here on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state.” Janie had several one-woman shows in Alaska, where she lived for 27 years before retiring to Washington. Her pieces can be seen in the Museum of Sequim Art Gallery, in a one-woman show at Colors of Sequim in October,  ant at her Studio at 115 Railroad Ave., Port Angeles, WA (The Landing).

She also loves to sew, do crafts of all kinds. “Doing three-dimensional pieces is my newest passion. I was invited into a Juried Art Show this past summer and feel like I finally have a place where I can bloom as an artist.”

Her motto has always been “Don’t Let Weeds Grow Around Your Dreams”.

Rose and pearlsFor more info you can find her work on her web site (http://sequimarts.org/news/artist-a-l/janie-brackney) and blog DreamOnAMoonbeam.blogspot.com.


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Ribbon in the Breeze for Daniel




E004bSometimes I like to revisit art and jewelry designs I’ve made if I am not completely satisfied with them. It could mean the difference between selling them and watching them linger in inventory. This is the case with a cubic Zirconia teardrop earrings and matching wire wrapped necklace I designed a while back. I felt the earrings needed just a little more something so I added a smaller jump ring to the larger one and I think it gave it a bit more pizzaz.

With the necklace I had sterling silver bails attaching to the teardrop Zirconia but I never felt they were all that secure so I reworked it, removing the bails and adding a sterling jump ring. The change is hardly noticeable but I feel much more comfortable with the altered design knowing the prism will stay secure.

I doubt I am alone in how satisfied I feel with finished work. One of the dangers of being an artist is learning to appreciate your own art. I typically find fault with everything I do. Sometimes I realize a design is just a precursor to a better design. Everything I do tends to be a work in progress. Sometimes I have to admit I need to tweak something to get it to my desired level of quality


Both the earrings and the necklace are listed on my Indiemade shop. Here’s the link to both.

Teardrop Zirconia Earrings

Teardrop Zirconia Necklace

You’ll find additional photos of them there as well.


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Crafty Saturday Show and Sell, Link Party #31

custom gift basketsBefore we start posting our Crafty Saturday handmade gifts, I wanted to post my top picks from last week.

Custom made gift baskets from CraftsNamesandThings 

You can personalize a gift for a birthday, celebrations, or to say thank you. Each basket will be overflowing with tantalizing treats and gifts. The recipient will know you put time, thought and heart into selecting one of our custom-made basket. 




girlshairaccessoriesFrom The Curious Gigi I chose these custom hair accessories. Don’t they look good enough to eat?

Beautiful mini cupcakes hair accessories – the perfect party favors ! Hand sculpted Polymer clay miniature cupcake of your choice – please specify the cupcake choice when you place your order .



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Tips for More Interesting Photos

We shot a lot of pictures on our trip to southern Europe so I thought I would show you a few and also give you a few pointers on how to take more interesting photos.

Pictured at left is a photo I took of a post card which gives the panoramic view of the castle we toured in Carcasonne, France.  The castle still has all the shops in place as you enter its first set of gates. Shop keepers selling wares–everything from enticing baked goods to scarves and purses–greet you.

I normally take my own shots and don’t advise taking photos of photos. I made an exception with this one because  I wanted you to see the full scope of this incredible castle which a regular width camera lens couldn’t capture. I imagine the photographer who snapped this shot took several and then spliced them which is one trick you can do Carcasoneif you want a wide shot of something or you can use a wide angle lens camera.

If you want an intriguing photograph, consider framing it with something in the foreground. This next photo was taken from inside the castle looking out over the town. Notice how I kept the walls surrounding the arch in the shot.  I think it makes it more interesting. You’ll see I used this in several other pictures as well.  Carcassonne became famous for its role in the Albigensian Crusades. You can read more about the castle’s history here.

The next photo was taken at Porto Verne, one of the five towns of the Cinque Terre (five small towns that are close together on the Mediterranean.)  The photo was taken inside a church in natural light. The black and white stone that you see is native to the area and is used in some local buildings giving them a beauty all their own.

The photo of the water was taken in the same area. I also captured some of the surrounding window which adds a nice frame. It contrasts well with the vibrant blue of the water. All along the cost of the southern Mediterranean there are round stones the size of cobble stones. The water isn’t murky but a brilliant blue.

The photo of the angel statue was taken in the town of Montarosso which is one of the five towns. You could take some steep steps up the mountain and we found a statue of St. Francis of Assisi overlooking the sea and further up was a convent, at the very
top, a cemetery.

ChurchPorteVerneThese are very unlike American cemeteries. They have crypts and niches and beautiful statuary, works of art in
themselves. This angel shot was taken looking up from the base of a monument on a tomb into the blue sky. Sometimes what is called a worm’s eye view (looking up from the ground) can add interest to a photo.













ColeseumMany people try to eliminate any surrounding objects, but sometimes keeping them in the shot can make for a more interesting photo.  The snapshot with the people and the cupola was taken inside the coliseum in Nimes, France. The structure is intact (though with some leaks), and believe it or not is still in use today. They still hold concerts and bull fights there. During the Middle Ages it housed a castle and 25 small houses, each built within an arch on the bottom level. They have since been removed.  The stadium is about 1/3 the size of the Roman coliseum which is in very poor condition.


DSCN0347 DSCN0339 I had to share a great shot my husband, Jeff, took in Rappallo. The bright purple petunias make the photo really pop and the lines of the street again create natural framing. This charming small town is  right on the water, a great place for shopping in quaint little stores. There is fortification (looks like a castle tower) right at the entrance to the harbor which was built years ago as protection from pirates.

You can see the structure isn’t centered in the picture. I try to avoid taking a perfectly centered shot with the main object in the very center (except sometimes the photo calls for it such as with the purple flower photo).  Though you may want those, you don’t always want to center. You do however, want to balance you photos. To do this, pay attention to where larger objects are located. So, say for instance, you have  a large object on one side, or a really dark subject that will “weigh” heavier  in the photo. You may want to balance it out with something of substance on the right etc. I think that’s why the photo of the fortification works. The rocks to the left help even things out.

One last tip. If possible, take photos in natural light. It will provide a much richer color and tone. Flash can help illuminate, especially if faces are shadowed, but flash will also wash out contrast so, when you can, avoid it.

We snapped so many photos on this trip. I couldn’t possibly share them all but I have to close with one last one. This bust was in one of the two museums we visited in Florence. We first toured the smaller Accademia where I saw Michelangelo’s famous David. Bella!. The Uffizzi Gallery  is filled with works on every imaginable notable classical artist.  It holds many works from the Renaissance as well as Roman and Greek scultptures. As I made my way toward the exit, this shot begged to be taken.


The look on the subject’s face and the way the light was hitting it from one side coming in through the window made it even more beautiful. Don’t you think?

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Before we get to this week’s Crafty Saturday link exchange, I wanted to spotlight my two top choices from our last Crafty Saturday. A quick note about the treasury challenge. It is not required as a point of participation so don’t let that scare you away from participating although making a treasury will definitely get us lots more exposure. Now, on to the Crafty Saturday spotlight of selected artists.

aloeparfait This Aloe Moisturizing Parfait by Rustic Luxury NH looks good enough to eat. This item is a rich aloe-based moisturizing cream layered with an aloe gel that has mica mixed in for a beautiful, expensive look. When you mix the two layers and apply to your skin it leaves your hands and body feeling soft and silky! Our moisturizer does not feel greasy because we use rich and luxurious ingredients that are good for your skin.








This one literally rocks! Owl Painted on a medium-size rock from Hand Painted Rocks.  A medium-size Colorado rock was the perfect shape for this owl hand-painted in black and shades of brown.



Show and Sell 250

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Plastic-Bottle-Flowers (3)This week I shared how my co-blogger, Ellen of The Chilly Dog, and I challenged each other to create a tutorial for making something from recycled materials. We chose plastic.  Mine was for wire wrapped earrings made from plastic milk bottles. If you haven’t already seen that, here’s the link. Today I’m sharing what Ellen made. Pictured are plastic flowers from the Chilly Dog.  Here’s the link to her tutorial. http://www.thechillydog.com/2014/07/craft-tutorial-plastic-bottle-flowers.html 


Amazing Animal Contest


We’re running an AMAZING ANIMAL CONTEST through the end of August. Submit original photos or videos of animals doing something funny, cool or just plain amazing. It can be anything from being a fashionista to skateboarding or more. The winner will have their choice of a set of pet coasters, pet ornament, or pet necklace.

Recently, on my trip to Europe while in Montpelier, France, my husband and eye saw a Boston Terrier doing something incredible–skateboarding!  Here’s the video link of our little friend, the Boston Terrier, skateboarding.

Be sure and share this contest with your friends. Mark your entries Amazing Animal Contest and submit to me, at teenastewart412 @ gmail.com. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

boston-terrier-dog-breeds-necklace-cuSerendipitini makes a variety of handmade items including gifts for pet lovers:  pet ornaments, pet coasters, and  pet necklaces.  We wouldn’t do this if we didn’t love animals

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