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March/ April Giveaway, Multiple Items and Sponsors

GiverawayBannerAprilIt’s monthly giveaway time again and we’ve got several items to giveaway. The contest is open to U. S. citizens and we have now extended our contest running to last a month. This contest will run March 27 through April 26, 2015. Now, on to our fabulous giveaway items.



March-Giveaway1.  From Ellen of the Chilly Dog Blog. You can choose any in-stock knitting needle case, crochet hook case or project bag in the “For Your Hooks and Needles” collection of her shop, thechillydog.storenvy.com




2.  From Home Staging by Patricia.


Yours free, a virtual color consultation of a room of your choice by an experienced Interior Color Professional.  Patricia Justice will help you with finding the perfect color choice for that one room you really want to make a special place!  This package is valued at $150. For more info contact 434-944-9686 or email  wvandnc@hotmail.com


turqhoopearr3.  From Serendipitini Jewelry. Genuine turquoise hoop pierced earrings. Silver plated hoops with silver plated lever back ear wires. Turquoise tube beads and silver plated ball beads. Hoops measure 1″.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



WB011aThis weekend I’ll be participating in the Statesville Artisan and Crafters Expo, Sat. March 28 at the Signal Hill Mall in Stateville. It’s free to the public so if you are in the area be sure to stop by.

I’ll be on hand with my recycled glass gifts which include: wine bottle candles, window art, glass suncatchers, slumped wine bottle trays, and even some ornaments.  Pictured are just a few items I’ll have.

Stop by and say hi. Mention this blog post and I’ll give you a 20% discount on any merchandise you want to post. Be sure to share this notice with friends.

Hope to see you there.






Get Your Recycle on with Upcycle Post

mark-richI’ve long been an advocate of creative reuse and eco friendly living and you’ll find that many of my art projects and home living pieces incorporate upcycling. Recently I connected with Mark Howe, a general contractor with a passion for the same thing. In his off time, he loves to turn his hand to creative reuse and his blog, upcyclepost.com is filled with features of artists and entrepreneurs who embrace this SAQ's from C. A. Penny Designsvery thing.

I’m sharing a few photos of the  items from his blog to give you an idea of the wealth of creativity you’ll find on the site.

Mark is co-founder with Rich Lancaster , a seasoned serial entrepreneur with a passion for sustainability.

The duo’s mission is to create an inspired, collaborative community that promotes sustainability. Their vision is to evolve commerce to harness collective efforts towards building a less wasteful society.

The goal through upcyclepost.com  is “to gather together the greatest group of upcycling talent the world has ever seen, to produce a marketplace site with unparalleled inspiration for current and future upcyclers, and to create a social platform that combines the best upcycle artisans with a public that is growing hungry to do its part in creating a sustainable future for everyone.”

The visually oriented blog gives upcyclers the opportunity to share their latest creations and includes a gallery of photos of works people have shared. It’s a create place to connect with like minded people and get ideas for ways to recycle.

An Upcycled 1970's SideboardI’m excited to be a member of upcyclepost.com and a part of such worthwhile effort to alter consumer behavior for the better. If you get a chance, stop by and check out some of the amazing guest entrepreneurs, artists, and projects. http://www.upcyclepost.com/




Junkyard Dog



Recycled Glass Flip Flop Earrings

E027wHere are some fun flip flop earrings made from recycled glass similar to sea glass. They have sterling silver charms. The glass is from recycled wine bottles which I break, then tumble in a rock tumbler. Afterwards I drill a hole in each piece of glass with my Dremel.  Here’s a link to them on  my Serendipitini Jewelry Etsy Shop 

These also come in blue, green and aqua when I can get aqua.



For the past couple of weeks I have been playing with making these glass art suncatchers which can also be used as garden decor or even wall decor. They are made from crushed recycled glass (called frit) from recycled bottles. I plan on sharing a tutorial on how to make frit in a later posting.

I first made clay molds, using rolled out clay, then I used a small cooking pot (the only, round flat object I could find in my house) to make the basic circle in the clay. I found a wrought iron candlestick with a sun design which I cut off with my Dremel. I pressed this sun shape into the clay to get the sun image.

Then I bisque fired the mold to harden it. Frit is then poured into a prepared mold and then fused in my dual media kiln. The result is these translucent disks with a semi rough texture. They let some light through and work well on a wall or even out in the garden.

SC005AGbHere are listings for two of these in two different colors. I can’t decide which I like best. How about you?

Blue Glass Art Sun Design

GlassAmber Green Glass Art Sun Design






N035aI now have several fused glass necklaces designs. Here’s one of a high heel shoe. The necklaces are made from hand cut fused Bullseye glass. Once I fuse them in my kiln I apply a decal which goes on black. Firing burns off all the ink so only the iron oxide remains to leave a sepia toned image.

I will be teaching how to make these along with several other designs in an upcoming class at the Hickory Museum of Art. I will let you know more once they schedule the dates. In the mean time, you will find this and several other fused glass necklaces in my Etsy shop.


Shetland Sheepdog Dog Drink Coasters

ShetlandSheepdogShetland Sheepdog dog dog drink coasters make great dog gifts for dog lovers and dog memorial keepsakes. These are hand glazed ceramic tile coasters with Sheltie dog silhouette design are on 3.5″ square tiles. They come with protective bottoms. FOUR COASTERS TO A SET.

Hold your pet memories dear while enjoying your favorite beverage. Coasters protect furniture from unsightly water marks and feature neutral colors that compliment any room.

Here’s a link to the listing in my Etsy shop.

About the dog breed: Shetland Sheepdogs are from the working dog class and, as their name implies was used for herding.  The breed was officially recognized as an official breed  by the American Kennel Club in 1911.

Temperament:  They are very intelligent and love to run so a fenced yard is best and they should be walked on a leash. They are adaptable to city living as long as they are given adequate exercise . Since they are breed for herding, that instinct is strong and they have a predisposition to bark and herd people. They have thick coats which make them highly susecptable to shedding.  Here’s a link to the AKC Shetland Sheepdog page.



Where to Promote Giveaways

Holding giveaways is a great way to grow you subscriber base. I’ve found a few sites that help with this info.

Here are the links.

Giveaway Tips


Places to Promote






Ongoing Linky’s








Shout in the Right DirectionSHOUT IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION

A simple and straight forward approach for small business owners to defining your target market and using various marketing sources to reach it. With so many social media options at our doorstep, many small business owners/entrepreneurs may feel overwhelmed. Is more better?

The authors pull from years of marketing experience to present an easily understandable and implementable plan for success. The book is broken into three sections. Part I is Building Your Marketing Plan. It includes defining your target audience, setting goals, measuring goals and more  Part II is Tools which explains various social media networks and the differences between them. I especially found this section helpful.  The authors liken each social media network to a different country with its own culture, etc.  Great example. The better you understand that concept, the more success you will have. Part III, Creative, wraps up the book with types of social media actions you might take, as well as building your following and more.

They also provide examples of real businesses who used or learned from some of these marketing techniques.  I have also added this to to my newly created resource page.

Here’s the link to the book on amazon.com



Window Art Suncatcher Wrought Iron Butterfly

WA1009bWA1009aPictured is a large window art suncatcher I  just finished. The recycled wrought iron works circle had ugly clear marble like beads wired on with no other glass except one glass bead in one of the wings. The rest were missing.

I used a Dremel to cut off the wire on the marbles and then added wired on recycled wine bottle bottoms, shaped recycled glass pieces for the butterfly body. I also glued in some blue beads into the wings with sturdy E6000 glue.

I am pleased with the results. Though this is made for the upcoming Statesville, NC craft show the end of this month, it is still currently for sale until then.  Here’s the link on Etsy Shop.


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